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Over the past 40 years, our university has set an example for universities and communities to grow together by driving innovative growth into Wonju's medical device city, healthy city, and cultural city. In 2007, it led the new paradigm of higher education by implementing residential college (RC) education for the first time in Korea, and contributed to education, research, and industry-academic cooperation by carrying out government financial support projects such as CK-1, ACE+, LINC+, SW-centered universities, university innovation support projects, and regional leading universities.


Initiated and facilitated by SEAMEO RIHED, the AIMS programme is a collaborative and multilateral student exchange programme that involves both Governments and HEIs with the goal of enhancing student mobility in the region and beyond. As of 2019, AIMS offers undergraduate students a single semester exchange across 9 participating Member Countries, 78 HEIs, and among 10 study fields.

AIMS aspires to create a vibrant programme for all citizens of SEAMEO Member Countries and beyond, promoting the mobility of students in order to cultivate globalized human resources for the region, create and nurture an ASEAN identity in the minds of young people of the region, contribute to the internationalization of higher education in the region, and build towards the formulation of an ASEAN Community and a regional higher education common space.

[Yonsei University AIMS]

Yonsei University Mirae Campus aims to nurture regional trade experts through exchange and cooperation with representative universities in the ASEAN region, paying attention to the deepening of ASEAN economic integration and the role of social enterprises through the MY VIP-WELCOME program. The specific goals are as follows:

  • Enhancement of understanding of the ASEAN Economic Community as a single region
  • Building a model for socioeconomic economic integration model through social enterprises
  • Resolution of the mismatching supply and demand for ASEAN regional experts
  • Sharing of the social enterprise model based on Korean understanding and local communities
  • Participatory programs and community-based programs to improve recognition of locality and mutual awareness and to realize socioeconomic value are included.