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Field Trips

We aim to provide extensive opportunities for invited students to experience a wide array of Korean culture by visiting not only the Wonju region in which the Mirae Campus is located but various other regions in Korea. Also, we hope to promote exchange with students from Korea and other ASEAN nations. All of the field trips provided by the AIMS program are free of charge.

  • Chuncheon Field Trip: Rail bike experience, Nami Island
  • Ganghwado Field Trip: Peace Unification Journey, a tour of the DMZ, etc.
  • Busan Field Trip: ASEAN Cultural Center, Busan Provisional Government Complex, Haeundae Area, etc.
  • Seoul Field Trip: Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Blue House, Korean Folk Village, etc.
  • Wonju Field Trip: Wonju Cooperative Social Economy Network, social cooperative ‘Herbstory’, etc.
Chuncheon Field Trip
Busan Field Trip
Seoul Field Trip
Wonju Field Trip