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We are providing an internship program in partnership with the Global Citizenship Education Center (GCEC). The Global Citizenship Education Center aims to provide assistance for citizens – especially adolescents and young adults including elementary, middle, and high school students as well as college students – entering the age of globalization in nurturing the right attitude, value creation, and career search to grow into global citizens to thrive with global citizens.

Also, we hope to achieve community development through education to nurture global citizens and network creation by carrying out Global Citizenship Education reflecting the local characteristic of Wonju-si and the nature of Global Citizenship Education.

Our main project is Global Citizenship Education (GCE), the education of nurturing responsible citizens with comprehensive understanding of world peace, human rights, and cultural diversity as universal values of mankind ready to take action.

  1. The Global Citizenship Education Program The course provides opportunities to access a wide range of knowledge and to nurture the “spirit of learning to live together” for Global Citizenship Education.
  2. Instructor Training and Competency Strengthening Project This project aims to strengthen the competency of instructors, including basic theoretical knowledge to understand changes of world affairs, observational ability for analysis, and the ability to deduct predictions through application.
  3. Research and Capacity Building Project Related to Global Citizenship Education This project aims to study continuously updated materials in the era of ceaselessly changing globalization to provide enhanced qualitative education.